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  • 140 girls including 80 in competition

  • 11 dance groups (supervised by young volunteers)

  • 8 instructors in twirling

  • 3 Pompom groups in competition

  • (Grande Junior 36 girls, Petite Petite, 9 girls and

  • Large Senior 45 girls)

  • 1 twirling team

  • 1 team in twirl dance

  • 30 young twirlers and a young twirler (solo, duo)



In this discipline, which most often occurs at the end of competitions, we find banners and pompoms, where not only the stick technique but the stick itself disappears.
In the first case, it is replaced by flags, in the second by pompoms, in group evolutions where overall cohesion counts. Accuracy of movement and creation of formations are varied. The choreography is adapted to the musical theme.


Twirling is an artistic sport born in the United States in the 1930s. “Twirling refers to movements (Swirling in English)”. This discipline combines manipulation of the stick, gymnastic and dance movements.


Open to girls and boys, this discipline requires agility, endurance, balance, coordination as well as strong concentration on the part of the athletes.
Twirling is practiced solo, duo, team or group. It is a competitive sport that is also practiced in show.



The Givry Starlett Club welcomes those who wish to dance from the age of 5.
Note that for a few years now, we have also had an Adult Dance Section.

All our groups of licensees (including adults) use various and varied accessories on certain choreographies: pompoms, sticks, banners, flags, etc...



3 disciplines are offered by our club: modern dance (from 5 years old), twirling (one year of initiation then passage in competition) and pompoms (in competition, from 10 years old after one year of compulsory modern dance). Our dance classes take place on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.


Registration from 5 years old in modern dance (a dance can be proposed with pompoms)


Modern dances are presented during two gala evenings (Please note, both evenings are compulsory; it is harmful to miss an evening: this penalizes the dancer who has trained all year and her group since the choreography must be modified !).


Our stick twirling classes take place on Saturday mornings.


Payment in one or 3 instalments possible (holiday vouchers and/or sports coupons accepted)

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